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I am a student (male) attending the Univ. of Maryland European Div. in Germany. I am looking for any help, info, personal experiences etc. on the subject of The Dual-Burden Theory of Job Inequities. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

By dual-burden theory I assume you are talking about the fact that the majority of women (and a few men) have two full-time jobs--one outside of the home and one inside? Working under this assumption, I think you can ask almost any mother this and get a personal experience. In general, while more women are working outside of the home, only a few men work inside the home. Whether it is early training or society--who knows, but taking care of children and the home still falls under the heading of women's work. Have you ever heard a man talking about how he is going to combine his career with child rearing?

What I see more and more--are men who do the work, but the responsibility to ask and to keep track remains the woman's. I sat the other night with a group of couples--all without children. They talked about how great their husbands were because they did the laundry and paid the bills (it varied for each person). The husbands were very proud--and good for them, but I didn't hear one husband say how great their wives were for doing the cooking; the cleaning and the grocery shopping. For women to do it, it's life--for men, it is a great act to be rewarded. I think we are getting there--slowly.

I hope this is want you needed--sorry if I am talking about a totatlly different subject.


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