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I am a graduate student doing research on women making it in the workforce. Women who have made it past the HR Manager and the selection process. I have read some stories of such women on your website. (Which I feel is truly innovative and motivational to women.) My angle I am approaching this research on however is this. Women who are executives and did not pull the "dual career theory" to receive any additional benefits (i.e. leaving early to pick up the kids, doctor appointments, days off to coincide with the school, etc.) I believe if you have committed yourself to your career, then you have committed yourself. I feel if women chose a career then society should view them as being loyal and career oriented. If you have any information on sources in which I can find sample stories, Associations/Organizations that could help me, etc. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance for your time. - Beth

I have the perfect organization for you - Catalyst. They are based in New York City (#212-777-8900). They work directly with female executives. You may also want to contact: National Association of Female Executives (NAFE) (also based in NYC) and look at Working Woman magazine.


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