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Hello; My name is Tom and I'm an executive officer of a predominantly female union local. I'm having a difficult time getting these people to be active in our local. Our Ontario provincial gov't is quickly destroying our collective agreements and all I hear is "I'm lucky I have a job!". To me, that's like running your nails across a chalkboard. What I need is a short history on female victimization in the workplace as well as other areas. Maybe if I can point out a pattern to them, they may get the picture. Here's hoping.

I'm not an expert on workplace fairness, but I suggest that you contact the U.S. Department of Labor to find out more about treatment in the workplace. There is also a new book entitled When Work Doesn't Work Anymore by Elizabeth Perle McKenna (Delacorte Press). This book explores women in the workplace, including why women continue to put up with what we experience in the workplace. The book includes many personal recounts of what women go through. I hope this information will be the incentive you are looking for.


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