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I am on a mission. But I'm not sure where to look on the Internet. You know as well as I do, women do not get equal pay. I would like to know where to go to get the statistics on this subject. I have come across some people who live in the dark ages, and think that this problem has been resolved.

It would also help on the issues of sexual harrassment subjects where women are afraid of losing their jobs so it is not reported. These people also think that only small companies get by with it. (I have a job ahead of me!)

Thank you for your time, I know you are very busy with elections and such, but I do think that this will make some people more politically aware. Corporate or otherwise! - Patti

Thanks for sending us your inquiry on pay discrimination.

The following are some ideas from members of FEMINIST.COM of organizations that can help you in your research:
Women Work! The National Network for Women's Employment Washington DC, 800-235-2732
National Committee on Pay Equity Washington, DC, 202-331-7343
9to5, The National Association of Working Women 414-274-0925
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission 800-669-4000
Business and Professional Women's Foundation Washington, DC 202-293-1200
Women's Bureau, Dept. of Labor Washington, DC, 202-219-6652. Good luck!



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