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I recently got termination notice after 24 years at (note: company name ommitted) . . . What is my potential success rate if I start a business from my home using my experience gained thru the 24 years?

I have been investigating software companies and putting out feelers; main drawback is lack of the old sheepskin. While others were in college; I was working 12 to 16 hours helping to "build the business". Any ideas of what the success rate is for someone starting a home business would be? - Regards, Linda

Dear Linda - Congrats on being brave to set out on your own. There are a few great examples of women running home businesses - Watermark, which makes baskets and decorative items; child-care cooperatives and many more. Most of these are through economic development programs that have been sponsored by places like the Ms. Foundation for Women (see the Ms. Foundation's website) and also organized through the Center for Policy Alternatives, which has done a report on women and small businesses. This may have some of the information you need. Their number is 202-387-6030. Also, 9to5, which is the National Association of Working Women, may have some suggestions - 414-274-0925. Good luck and I hope these suggestions point you in the right direction.


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