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Hello. My friend and I are discussing opening our own business - we are located in St. Lawrence County, New York, we don't know what direction to go in. We want to be successful (as everyone does). I can't seem to find any ideas on what we could do. If you have some advice we would appreciate it. Thanks - Leslie

The idea of you and your friend starting your own business is so inspiring. I feel like most of the letters I receive at Ask Amy are letters from people who hate their jobs because they are being treated unfairly in them. So it's nice to see you taking control of your situation.

As for where to start, since I don't know what specific industry you are embarking into, I am going to recommend that you contact the general "Women Owned Business" information. For instance, there is the National Foundation for Women Business Owners (www.nfwbo.org) and the Small Business Administration has a Women's division. Each of these can help you both with a network and also with the logistics. They both also have information on how to leverage capitol for your business. There is also the Small Business section at Women.com: www.women.com/smallbiz/ - though I'm not as familiar with their resources. I hope these suggestions help and I wish you and your partner lots of luck.


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