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I'm writing an essay on Feminism: Yesterday and Today and would like to know where I can find statistics on women's rights issues on the Web. I'm looking for things like # of women choosing careers outside the home, # staying home, etc. There seems to be a proliferation of resources on the web but it's difficult to figure out where I might find the specific information for which I'm searching. Any insight you or any of your readers may be able to provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Jennifer, University of Michigan-ITD

Dear Jennifer--thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM. In terms of statistics on the web--I'm afraid I don't know of any. Great resources off the web are the Bureau of Labor Statistics--specifically, The Women's Desk. They provide the most conservative numbers--and I think the best---on how many women in which profession and how much they get paid. They do a "then and now", too. They are based in Washington, DC (#202-606-7777) and their web address is http://www.bls.gov:80/.

There are also a few books--The American Women (Published a few different years by Norton) and Women In the World (An Atlas) by Joni Seager and Ann Olson.

Good luck and I hope the above helps.


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