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Congratulations on your page. It is nice & non-linear distinctive and representative of our values as women somehow. I am writing you from Quebec City. I would like to know if there are any consultants or firms of consultants in Organizational Development working in corporate America and creating interventions that address themseves only to women or conversely to men about feminism. Also whether any management schools are offering feminist based OD courses.Curious to hear response. Bye pour tout de suite. Arya

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM and for your good words about the site.

About consulting firms.....I haven't heard of anything that specifically relates to feminism and women in the corporate world. There are two organizations--Catalyst (#212-777-8900) and NAFE (National Association of Female Executives)--that work with women executives. However, they don't have a "feminist" agenda exactly. But they might be a place to start. Also there is an organization based in New York City called "Plays for a Living." These plays are performed in workplaces and they deal on a wide range of topics--sexual harassement; putting elderly parents into a nursing home; racism......They use the medium of "plays/acting" I guess to make it more "palatable" and to do role playing.

About schools--I think that from what I have heard about Yale School of Management (located in New Haven, CT); Columbia School of Non-Profit Managment (located in New York, NY); and Simmons College School of Non-Profit Management (located in Boston, MA)--these are the places to inquire.

I hope this helps--good luck.


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