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I am a math teacher with a degree in psychology. I have a major computer system that can do video editing and most printing needs. I have been through the death of my husband, sexual abuse from my dad and treated as if I am some damaged or disgusting creature. I am for real a smart good person, who has been put into sad or bad situations. I really need to have a new start for the well being of my daughter. I cannot find anyone who cares if we live or die. My daughter is very bright and talented. It would be nice if she could have a chance to reach her goals. Everyone who meets her likes her. Even though we have been going through bad times she manages to think of others.

My employer knows of our misfortune and has given me less hours at work, which he knows I cannot afford. He hired someone to work those I had been working with. I was not informed of it until I started getting calls saying there was no one for me to work with and then I saw his time sheet had twice the hours I had. Having my own place as a math tudor, computer specialist, or some related business, would give me the freedom to give my daughter a safe home. Please connect me with someone who can help me. My daughter knows that there are no holidays for us this year and has accepted that. Please email me - [email protected]

I am sorry to hear about the loss of your husband--and your unfortunate situation at work. I think you really just need to get the word out in your community that you have these skills. Hopefully, by having your question posted here at FEMINIST.COM others may want to utilize your services who visit us. Maybe you want to contact women's businesses and/or foundations as they may be more understanding of your situation.

I hope this helps--and most of all--good luck.


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