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Hi! I'm looking for a woman owned business that I believe is called "The Woman-Made Company". They used to put out a great catalog of specially designed women's work gloves and clothes. I used to see their ads often, but now I can't find a reference to them *anywhere* and I'd like to send their address/ph # to a friend. Sorry I can't remember anything more about them. Can you help me? Do you know if they're still in business? Thanks in advance, Rusty

I think the catalog you are talking about is The Company of Women. The only reference I have to them is from 1994---102 Main Street; Post Office Box 742; Nyack, New York 10960-0742; #1-800-937-1193.

There are also other catalogues that may be of interest to you--they mostly deal with books and posters and things:

Women's History Catalog
National Women's History Project
7738 Bell Road
Windsor, CA 95492-8518
#(707) 838-6000

The Syracuse Cultural Workers
Art With Heart
Post Office Box 6367
Syracuse, New York 13217
#(315) 474-1132

You might also want to check out FEMINIST.COM's selection of Women Owned Businesses. I hope this helps---and thanks in advance for supporting good causes and good work.


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