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Hi, I was wondering if anyone would know where I could get informational statistics on how many men vs women are shown on or in movies (Disney would be great but major motion pictures is our main focus). Also if there was a place where I could possibly find more info on how modern day films and movie makers oppress women (no porno info will be use in our presentation). I have looked on the net and I would just like a more statistical approach. Please and thank you, it would help myself and my fellow classmates out. Thanks, Mina

Thanks for your note. In terms of an actual breakdown of how many men vs. women are shown in the movies, I'm not sure where you can get that information. However, I imagine the number itself might be close to equal. What really needs investigating is how many men have lead roles compared to women. Also, what type of roles. For instance, many people have analyzed the fact that women are usually hookers, mistresses or waitresses, while men are heros. So that's where feminism comes in--making the roles for women more accurate and thus better.

One reason that still exists is because those in decision making positions are men and, therefore, might not be as clued into this injustice as if women were in those positions. Just looking at the board of the Motion Picture Association (which determines ratings, etc...) out of 25 members, only one is a woman. These are studio heads/executives, so it's probably the same when you look at the studies--the majority are controlled by men.

To get more statistics you might try the Motion Picture Association (based in Washington, DC) and/or there is a book called Reel Women--about women in film. There is also an organization called Women Make Movies (based in NYC), though that's more for distribution of films made by women, and another agency called NY Women in Film and Television, which does some of the research that you mentioned and education around that research.



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