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Amy, I'm a sophomore in college right now and need some advice. I plan on majoring in women's studies but have yet to decide on a major. I want to work with womens organizations or anything similar concerning women's issues. I'd like to know abut specific jobs within womens organizations and what majors correspond to those jobs. I've had trouble finding information on specific jobs/careers concerning the aforementioned. Would there be a major that could apply to a wide variety of jobs within women's organizations or similar jobs? Thanks! - Erika

Thanks for your note. In my experience, what is most important about an undergraduate education is the process of learning rather than learning about a specific topic. Looking at my work colleagues and what they majored in, it varies: english, religion, history, art history, economics, etc...

Undergraduate years are really meant to be multi-discipline and, therefore, a time for you to explore what you're interested in and use it as a knowledge base as well as a learning base. So my suggestion is major what interests/intriques you and then just take classes in women's studies. But that's only my advice and I can say that while it informs your future career it won't predetermine it.


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