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I am a part time student studying Business and Finance and am currently undertaking a project on the effect of the Glass Ceiling on female workers. I would be grateful of any information or web addresses which may be of use to me. Regards, Emma

The effect of the Glass Ceiling on women is measurable in so many different ways. For instance, not only does this effect their "status" and their pay scale, but then it ultimately affects their children, too. The Glass Ceiling is used to describe the reality of the workplace, which is that women are kept out of higher positions. However, it is more than that. For starters, not all women want to climb a corporate ladder, and that is what the Glass Ceiling mostly refers to. However, all women want to be valued for the work that they do it--and in order to do this, one, we need to rethink what jobs women get slated into and two, what about the large percentage of women whose job is to raise their children--this is a job that goes unreported as such.

So, in dealing with the Glass Ceiling we have to consider an entire restructuring of worklife. Also the Glass Ceiling creates a class ceiling--and women get stuck in low wage jobs that has a ripple effect throughout their lives. Now that I have rambled about my two cents--you should read the work of Arlie Hochschild, who talks about the "second shift" for women. And also reference the work of Catalyst--a group devoted to women in executive positions.

I hope that helps.


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