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Hello. At first I would like to thank you for reading my mail to you. I am a female student and I am doing a business study. I am very interested in the feminist movement and therefore I have asked my English teacher if I could have a presentation about feminists. Could you please send me as soon an e-mail containing three reasons about why it is so good to hire women. I would like to thank you for your time and hope to receive the information.

Here are my thoughts on three important reasons to hire women: 1.) Because women are as capable as men at doing any job--and they might even add a different compontent/emphasis to a job, given our own unique perspective. Really this is individual perspective not based on gender.

2.) When women are an equal part of the workplace, I bet that the workplace will change. Or I hope. Perhaps more sensitive to work and family issues, etc..

3.) Most companies have constituents that are male and female--it's good for business to have your leadership reflect your constituents.


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