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I am a student at Cecil Community College and I am writing a term paper on women in combat. I was hoping to have some questions answered regarding your stand on the issue. Do you feel women should be allowed to serve in combat roles? What are some of the reasons women should be allowed to fill these positions? What is being done in the fight for women in predominately male roles - military? Have there been any positive results (i.e. new laws being passed...etc)? Thank you for all of your help - Angela

Coincidentally, "Women in Combat" is my "issue of the month," meaning that it's been on my mind a lot. Recently I have been asked related questions on several occassions and each time I have fine-tuned my perspective thanks to other people's perspective. I personally would not want to be in combat, nor would I choose personally choose it, but I will fight for any other woman to have the right to pursue this track if she so desires. (Just as I would support the right for any man to be a stay-at-home dad.)

Essentially, they are as capable as men of doing this work and, therefore, should be allowed to. Also, it's unfair to men if women can't pursue this or be drafted. That has always been my opinion and I have come across a few women who have been in combat and who prove that women can in fact handle being in combat.

The latest development in my opinion is that I now think it's really important for women to be in combat, because it will push at gender stereotypes and challenge us to think of everything that women are capable of - i.e. that women are as strong as men and can have the same "killer instinct." It's important to not glorify women - and I think this darker side of life is important for us to see women in, too. I hope I'm making sense. You also might want to reference the work of Cynthia Enloe - who has a recent book out on this topic.


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