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I am a graduate student writing my thesis on women executives relocating internationally. I am looking at a variety of resources to provide a solid base on which to do my research. While searching the net, your website poped up. I would be most appreciative if you could forward me any material or ideas on this topic. I am looking through Nancy Adler's work and have been in touch with Catalyst in NYC. Thank you, Saskia M.

Thanks for your note. Besides the resources you have already utilized--Catalyst and Nancy Adler--I suggest that you contact some of the following to learn more about women executives relocating internationally. However, because this is such a niche specific query and one that affects a comparatively low percentage of the population, I would imagine that resources will be hard to come by--and will be conflated with other research.

  • National Institute on Work and Families or the National Partnership on Work and Families (I might have these names slightly mixed up.)
  • Simmons College (Boston, MA) is one of the only women-only MBA programs--they might have information.

  • Have you tried business schools and/or international affairs schools--places women might go who are going abroad, or vice versa--where companies might go looking for women in go abroad.

  • Magazines such as Fortune, Equity (which was a trial magazine c/o Worth), Working Woman --might have information.

I hope that helps.


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