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I am doing a project on how mens teams have a higher salary then womens, and i was just wondering if you could give me any information on something called Title IX. (title 9). My teacher told me that it was about how there are unequal amounts of scholarships for men and women. I would greatly appreciate any information. Thanks, Blair

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM. Title IX is a part of the 1972 Education Act Amendment, which says that women and men should be treated the same (in athletics, extra-curricular activities, etc...) This means that because of this act every public school must commit the same amount of money to programs for girls and boys. It also means that it must provide the same opportunities, meaning that as many sports teams you have for men, you have to have the same number for women. For instance, if your school has a football team, which is a male sport, it's likely to have a field hockey team, which is a female sport. And it must commit the same amount of money to all girls' sports program and all boys' sports programs.

Though this is the law- and this is legally what schools are supposed to do - unfortunately, not all schools follow the rules. This means that many schools have been sued for being in violation of Title IX.

I hope that helps Blair, but write back if you need more information.


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