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I need to know if there is some way that you could help me. I have a problem with a past employer who really screwed me over after I got pregnant wich was a big "no no" to them. I no longer work there but people need to know how they have disrupted my life.

Even though you no longer work for your previous employer, I just want to underscore how important it is for you to hold your ex-employer accountable for their wrongdoing. In fact - not being employed there probably makes you a better advocate - i.e. your job isn't at stake. Essentially it sounds like what your employer did is blatantly wrong.

In 1978 Congress passed the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, which essentially said that you could not fire or demote a woman for being pregnant. Other acts, like the Family & Medical Leave Act, strengthened this by saying that not only could you not fire them, but you need to provide parental leave and you need to leave the position open for the person to return to. These acts are handled mostly by the Equal Employement Opportunity Commission - (and to some extent the U.S. Department of Labor) - so you can learn more specifics by contacting them. Besides showing your employer how they have wronged you and likely other women, too, perhaps you want to send a letter to other employees so they know their rights. Good luck -- and it's great that you are doing this.


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