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Hi Amy,

I am a woman 44 years of age, and I have been unemployed since Aug 7th, 2000 because of a discrimination issue. I worked for this company for 24 years, and all the attorneys I talk to say I don't have a case because Indiana doesn't recognize lesbian issues! The EEOC says I can sue the company for discrimination other than the issue at hand, but that is basically avoiding the subject. There have been other issues of why I was dismissed after 24 years, but will only discuss on a personal level with someone that will listen and understand! I don't know who to talk to that will listen. Any suggestions as to who I could contact and discuss this situation with? Really would like to put my mind at ease talking with a feminist who knows law and procedure.

Thank you for listening!!!


Without knowing more about your specific form of discrimination - and only guessing that it has solely to do with your sexuality - my instinct is to refer you to LAMBDA, The Gay & Lesbian Legal Defense Fund, which is based in New York City among other places. There is also the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force, which, among other things, handles workplace discrimination. And the Anti-Defamation League.

However, there are also groups that deal specifically with workplace discrimination, regardless of one's sexuality - gender discrimination is gender discrimination. For instance, 9to5: the National Association for Working Women which has a job hotline and also state networks. Their main office is in Milwaukee, WI at (414) 274-0925.

Good luck.


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