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I am writing a paper on pay equity and I have to compare the views of two different types of feminism on this issue. I am having trouble finding information on cultural feminist's view of pay equity.



Dear Laura,

There are so many different views on pay equity, all with a goal of achieving comparable worth for women and men. I'm not sure what exactly cultural feminists would say about pay equity since cultural feminists (at least in an historical sense) wanted to create women-only spaces. Again, they would be supportive of comparable worth and would be working to ensure that their women-only spaces were valued the same as integrated spaces. Plus, cultural feminists would probably argue that the highest paid person should never be paid considerably more than the lowest paid person.

The problem with pay equity as it is currently enforced is that it only takes into account a woman and a man who have the exact same job. We need more inclusive legislation that takes into account the value of the job and the value of different jobs across different sectors. I hope that helps. Good luck.


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