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Hello Amy,

I am a 23-year-old girl who is interested in getting a Master's degree in Women's Studies at Southern CT State University. I have always been a passionate person about this subject, and I feel I could be an excellent student of Women's Studies. My dream job is to be a college professor. What type of work would be available for me after I get a Master's degree? I have been waiting tables forever! I want work that is satisfying on a deeper level. Please help!



Dear Eva,

Unfortunately, there are few jobs that are directly linked to a Masters in Women's Studies. However, there are many jobs that are indirectly related, many of which don't necessarily require a Masters or a PhD. If teaching is what you eventually want to do, then you certainly should start on this path. However, if what you want to do is something else, then I recommend that you pursue these jobs and see what they open up to you.

Where feminism is today doesn't so much require that we have jobs as feminists, but that we take our feminism with us into our other jobs. For instance, pursuing a job at a newspaper or at a restaurant and making sure the women and women's issues are taken seriously in those institutions. Using my own example, I would say that all of my friends are feminists, but how they express this varies. For instance, one friend makes documentaries about the environment; another does communications for an organization that serves battered women; another works in the film industry and another is getting her PhD in art history. All bring their feminism with them. So they change the institutions rather than just changing themselves.

Try checking out idealist.com. Hope that helps.


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