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I am doing a research paper on equal treatment in the workplace. I need to find some guidelines or steps that a business might take to further strengthen equal treatment of empties. Do you know where I can find information like this?

Your help is greatly appreciated,



Dear Tierney,

I'm assuming that by "equal treatment of empties" you mean "equal treatment of employees." Your question is a great one and I don't know if anyone has yet created a great solution. I think people have lots of complaining to do about the workplace, but I don't know if any of this every translates into tangible solutions.

There are some obvious things -- like Flexible work hours; Job Share; Paid Leave; policies which say that the top paid person can't make more than 10 times the lowest paid person or something like that. Offices, which are determined by years there or hours worked rather than salary; on site child care. The way unequal force is children -- this means women get compromised since they are the primary care givers, but if something were done to recognize this that would begin to work itself out.

Try organizations like Catalyst, 9to5 and Equal Rights Advocate -- for other things.



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