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So I am a senior in highschool and I just got a new assignment in which have to debate in front of class on why a women should establish a career before she has children. I picked this side because i believe in it fully.The only problem is that there is very lil information arguing my side and ALOT arguing the other. PLEASE help me!

I will take any input you want to give yourself and site you as a reference or else just give me some tips on websites that I can go to to read more about it!





Dear Heather,

Though you chose the harder of the two sides, sometimes these choices prove to be the most rewarding. In general, I think that women should have a career first because it saves their identify. Women -- much more so than men -- already suffer from being daughter, wife, mother -- and rarely an individual in our own
right. This access to a career pre-marriage and motherhood gives us
some of that identity. If women don't have work experience before they have children, the chances of them ever being able to re-enter the workforce at a later date are very slim.

I also think it helps a woman's self-esteem. Mothering sadly isn't entirely valued in our society and so women who choose solely this path say something to the effect of "I'm only a mother" when asked what they do. I also think that children don't value their mothers as much when they are "stay-at-home-moms" -- when asked what their mother does, most kids will respond "nothing." I think this also has long-term affects -- for instance, when your children then go on to have careers and start making decisions as adults, they tend to seek advice from their father, who they perceive they can relate to more. Also -- mothers working benefits the fathers, too -- who then aren't pressured to be the sole bread winners.

I hope that gets you thinking.

Good Luck,



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