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I am a single mother with two young boys.  I filed for Chapter 13 this year and won't receive my discharge till 2013; however, I would like to start my own daycare/learning center.  Would I qualify for grant money to start this type of business, and where would I go to apply for the grant money?

By coincidence, I just received some information on Women's Initiative. I know there are other groups like this—and I think that your idea would be a perfect match for them. I know the Ms. Foundation for Women has funded similar projects—as have other women's foundations, local and national, that are a part of the Women's Funding Network. I think that you should do some research on how to incorporate, etc. Applying for these funds is even more rigorous than applying for loans—though the basis for funding is evaluated much more on the idea than on credit. There is also a woman's office through the Small Business Administration, but I think going the non-profit route might be a better fit.




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