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What role do women/feminists play in today’s business world? Are their opportunities equal to men?

In general, women have made great strides in business over the past several decades. Corporate America is less male and less white than it was in the early 70’s, mostly a consequence of feminist activism. That said, I think that we are far from equality.

Women's leadership is mostly respected and their presence appreciated, but women are often still challenged on what they are capable of—especially when they are mothers and have their ambitions challenged. Looking at the numbers alone, women have made progress in the business world and have earned a solid reputation as businesswomen. However, there hasn't been a rapid increase, and for many women the world of business is still considered too male.

The Department of Labor has great statistics, and you should also reference organizations such as National Association for Women Business Owners, Catalyst, and National Partnership for Work and Families.




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