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Hi, I've been given an essay based on the topic title, "What is the glass ceiling and how do women today challenge such inequalities at work".

I have found information regarding the glass ceiling, yet finding any information on how people are challenging the subjects I have failed to do. There is much information regarding how feminism began and how it was challenged then, but nothing which is more recent. I just want to know if you have any advice or references to this.

Thanks for your time.



Generally speaking the glass ceiling is the barrier to women succeeding in the workplace.

Mostly it was a question of access: could women attain certain positions, like CEO or president. Today that has been done, so the barrier is really equality in those jobs, how many women and what is the standard there and the pay.

One current barrier continues to be pay inequity, but the real problem is that women don't ask for raises, so we now need to empower them to be able to do that.

I hope that helps, -- Amy