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Hello, my name is Rachael. I am writing you because I am highly concerned with the welfare of women in the army.

I was raped in July '05, something I just cant seem to get over. I talked to a lady today who finally gave me the information that should have been given to me back in '05: my victims rights, which all that applied where violated. I am at a lost as to what I can do at this point, I am set to go to Iraq this coming March.

I am more upset at this point that a male in our company is getting away with making at least 5 females feel uncomfortable, and they told me that IF he does it again then he will be punished in his new company. I am so tired of their games and have every issue with making more victims, which the army is so comfortable doing.

I am not afraid of being shot, hit by a bomb or even killed, I am more afraid of my fellow soldiers than anything else. I am looking for help as to who I can talk to about changing the way the army handles these situations, because they are not being handled at all. I hope you can help me so females everywhere can feel comfortable serving in the military.

Thank you for your time,



Rachael -

I was so struck by your note, especially your observation that you were more scared of what the men would do to you than being hit with a bomb.

I certainly believe you, based on others who have shared their opinions with me, that is a very strong statement and I'm sure that others would be very sympathetic to that perspective. Have you tried to go to the media with this information? Also, what specifically are the 5 women terrified of- have there been specific events? Giving details like that would help, and it's especially brave if you are speaking up when others don't feel like they can. You can be their voice of reason.

I'm also curious about what happened in 2005. You allude t it, but don't give details. And depending on what it was, don't you think you can use that to leverage what you currently want? Let me know. If you are willing to be more specific, I do think that the media would report on this angle.

Take care, -- Amy