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Hi Amy,

My name's Cecilia and I'm an incoming junior at college. I just finished reading Manifesta (great job by the way!), after hearing about it when you and Jennifer came to visit and speak at my school.

My question is regarding women in the military and whether or not, in an effort of establishing true gender equality, women should be included in the draft. I feel a notion like this is a gross misrepresentation of what gender equality really means, like saying if the ERA was passed women would have to share co-ed bathrooms.

However, I can't come up with any substantive answer, since I don't believe in reinforcing our military as a way to solve international problems.

Your help is greatly appreciated,




Thanks for reaching out and good to know that our talk at your school was motivating enough for you to actually purchase and read Manifesta.

In general, I think that women should have to register for the draft, not so much in the name of equality and feminism, but I think it goes along with living in a democracy, etc. If we want to be equal citizens, I think that we should have the same expectations. However, I think the larger question to consider, and this a feminist question, is should we even have a draft. As is those who access the military get a tremendous amount of benefits and those should be available to men and women alike; and though I don't agree with our military, I think that we can't just assume that it can be defeated.

We have to work within it to diminish it's importance and to really challenge the resource that it has available and use them in more creative ways to really take control of our tax dollars. I hope that helps, really just my two cents.

Thanks for reaching out. -- Amy