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Hi, I am a 16 year old student who is thinking about being in the

Recently, my dad and I got in a fight about if a woman is strong enough to be on the front lines or in the Navy SEALS. I know that men are physically stronger than women but i was still upset with this and not being able to fight directly. Is there any way i can come to terms with this situation?

Is one reason because men feel like they have to protect the women so they would try to protect them and get hurt or killed in the process?

Thank you.





I think that many people share your father's views. However, women have been subjected to these same criticisms in other professions -- Fire Fighters, Athletes, Astronauts, etc... -- and have time and again prove that given the time and resources they are capable of accomplishing what men do.

Certainly they aren't the same -- neither are two men -- but they can reach the same goals. Perhaps this is the argument you can use with your father.

Also, there are other women who have attained these positions and have succeeded, even excelled and triumphed. I think using these examples gives you documentation that you aren't the sole pioneer, but rather joining others who have also set the path.

I hope that helps and I think it's great that you are going to continue. -- Amy