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I am currently a freshman in college and I am undecided on a major. I have considered sociology, but I am still very unsure. I picked up a booklet from our campus center for students with an undecided major and it had you list anything you are truly passionate about. I have considered myself a feminist for quite sometime now. Whenever we were given any open project at school I choose a topic involving feminism. It struck me that I had not considered any future career involving this. I realize you can be a feminist no matter what your career may be, but this is something I am truly passionate about and would love to have some sort of career involving in the future. I need some advice. What sort of jobs could I look into?     


I truly believe that your undergraduate years should be spent learning how to learn and think — regardless of the topic at hand. It's a great time to learn something that you wouldn't otherwise learn about. For instance, I was an art history major and in the moment I loved dissecting and analyzing paintings and great works of art, but in hindsight, the art actually stayed with me less than the skills — writing, research, fact checking, etc. Thus, I think that you should study something that excites you and interests you and thus motivates you to want to learn more. This is the type of passion that seems unique to your undergraduate years and thus you should capitalize on that.

And in terms of jobs waiting for you, there is a huge range: you can work for a magazine and help determine which stories get written, you can work for a book publishing company either to promote books or to edit them, you can work for a PR firm and learn how to market a campaign, you can work for a think tank and help produce reports, you can work for a non-profit organization and help give away grants or fundraise, you can work for an elected official...really the possibilities are limitless.