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I have heard a libertarian argument that the wage gap is due to the time that some women spend outside of the workforce due to childrearing.  What do feminists say to this? Is this the case or is there a different kind of discrimination going on that is not represented by this argument?



The wage gap over a lifetime is certainly amplified by women taking time off to have and raise children. But its also true that on average women are still paid less than men for the same job — regardless of any time taken off. And this only increases when you consider a woman's race and ethnicity. Also, I think it needs more careful examination as to why having and raising children should be a burden to women's salaries in the first place. It's something that should be compensated for — either through employer or through services. Also, it shouldn't be solely absorbed by women. At a minimum, employers should have to pay into social security during any absence from their jobs.