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Hello, I need some help.

I am a certified chef/catering manager. I have been seeking work here in SC for over a year. This week I applied at our local country club, and was hired, and send for my drug test. I contacted the head chef and he said he'd call with my hours. So far no call. On my drug test I had to put my birth date 6/9/46 and I knew here we go again. Guess what he still has not called.

What can I do I'm at the end of my rope??



Rene --

The problem is that you have no proof that it was age discrimination. I'm not saying this isn't what it is, but being able to document it is the only way to rectify it.

You might try reaching out to the Older Woman's League or the Grey Panthers; both work with older women and thus might have some instincts about how age discrimination has been handled in the past when it wasn't formalized. You are probably a bit younger than their average constituent, but they should have the information regardless.

Good luck,

-- Amy

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