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My name is Jessica from NY and I need to do a paper on the feminist movement in the 1840's. If you could give me some information or tell me where to look I'd appreciate it. Thanks a lot, Jessica

Thanks for your note. In the 1840s, feminism was just beginning to formally organize itself in this country. Primarily they were doing this through an 1846 convention in Seneca Falls New York, where abolitionists and suffragists came together to draft a Declaration of Sentiments. This Declaration was based on the Declaration of Independence, but it included women. Eventually many of these organizations' work made it possible for women to have many rights, including: the right to vote, to own/inherit property, to divorce, to have custody of their children, etc...

To learn more--you should go to the National Women's History Project. I hope that helps get you started. Good luck.


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