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I'm a sixth grade student and very interested in Sojourner Truth. If you have any information on her will you be so kind as to send it to me? Thank You! Love, Diane

I'm not sure how much information you already have about Sojourner Truth, so I apologize in advance, if some of my answers are old news to you. For starters, Truth, a former slave, is famous for being an outspoken abolitionist and woman's rights activist. She was very active in the mid-1800s at a time when few people were making connections between race and gender--and this is exactly what Truth did. She made is a point to highlight that some people are oppressed by the gender and others by their race--and in both instances, it is the same people fighting against them.

Her most famous speech is called Ain't I a Woman?. This speech will give you some idea of the focus of her work. You can also learn more about her in a book called: Black Women In America: An Historical Encyclopedia, edited by Darlene Clark Hine. Perhaps you can get this book from your local library.

I hope that helps--and good luck with your research.


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