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Hello, I am doing a report/project on the rights of women and the history of them. I wondered if you knew of any sites that told history from very long ago. (such as 1810-1860) If so I would appreciate it much ! Thanks, Natalie

There is a site called the National Women's History Project, which talks about women's history in this country from the time this country was settled until today.

The time that you mention--1810-1860 was a very important time for women and was really the begining of the women's movement as we know it today. Most specifically, in 1846, there was a women's rights convention in Seneca Falls, New York. It was here that several woman and one man introduced the idea of women obtaining the right to vote--as well as other basic rights that should go along with being a citizen. I hope that you learn a lot. Let me know if I can help explain anything further. Good luck.


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