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I was wondering if you can give me any information on the protest against the Miss America Beauty Pageant in 1968. Any information would be most appreciated - Belinda

The 1968 protest of the Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City New Jersey, was essentially the first public event of the Women's Liberation Movement or the Radical Women's Movement. Feminists who had been organizing against male oppression in their own communities and their own lives came together at this public event to voice their "rebellion" in a public manner and to rally against the greatest symbol of female oppression - beauty pageants. It was at this rally/march, which took place on the Atlantic City Boardwalk that the term "bra-burner" was coined. They had organized a "freedom trash can" where women were to throw symbols of female oppression: Cosmopolitan magazine, girdles, fake eye lashes, bras, etc. The idea was to then burn these things. However, they couldn't get a fire permit, so no burning took place. You can read more about this is the following books: Daring to be Bad and Susan Brownmiller's most recent memoir. Good luck - and I hope that helps.

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