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Hello, my name is Elizabeth and I am an eigth grade student. I am doing a project on Feminism in the 1960s and was wondering if you had any information for me on this topic. Your website was extremely heplful, but if you have any extra information it would be greatly appreciated. Also, if you can tell me how I can contact Gloria Steinem or other feminists of that time. Thanks you. Sincerely, Elizabeth

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM--and for turning to us to help with your project. Feminism of the 1960s really grew out of two main groups--one was women who had been working in the Civil Rights movement and who were either leaving the movement because they were realizing the injustice in being the workers not the leaders, or they were white women who were leaving because the Civil Rights movement was being taken over by the black power movement. Other women came to feminism inspired in part by Betty Friedan's 1963 book, The Feminine Mystique. Most of these women were sick of being housewives living in the suburbs. They wanted more and wanted to change their situation.

Other women came to feminism via other social justice movements, like the peace movement, the student movement--and other liberal, but still male movements.

The movement of the 1960s was about consciousness changing and also about obtaining a legal standing for women. It was also, in the words of Gloria Steinem, about naming things that had otherwise been called just life. For instance, domestic violence, rape, job discrimination, etc... Gloria Steinem actually didn't come to feminism until a speak-out on abortion rights in 1969. So she came late to the movement of the 1960s.

I hope that helps. Good luck with your report.