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Hi, I'm working on my final projet and I'm seaching documentations on the debut of the feminist mouvement. Can you help me? Hope to hear from you soon, Danielle

Thanks for your note. I'm not sure I entirely understand your question about "the debut of feminism." Historically feminism as a term debuted about the turn of the century. It was imported from France, where it was known as "feminisme." However the concepts behind feminism have existed in this country for a long time. In fact, before America was even America and it was home to Native American tribes that simply lived more equal lives. But the more formal acknowledgement of a women's movement came around 1848 when the suffragists and abolitionists came together in Seneca Falls, NY.

In contemporary times, feminism emerged with Betty Friedan's book The Feminine Mystique in 1963.

I hope that helps -- and I hope I interpreted your question correctly. Good luck.


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