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I am a 19 year old scottish girl studying social science. As part of my course I have been asked to submit a 1500 word paper entitled "Why did it take so long for women to get the vote" . Through my research I have come across many differing opinions, though all have the same main points . Is it possible to acquire more information through you about this subject? Many thanks.

From your question I can't tell if you are referencing women's winning the right to vote in Scotland, in the U.S. or the world. If it's the latter, you should note, that there are a few places left that deny women the right to vote. The most general answer to your question is that "sexism" and more specifically a fear of women's power/potential is what prevented people from allowing women the right to vote. By granting women the right to vote, we were taking a step toward women being recognized as full citizens with men and thus equal players. Of course, we haven't realized this goal, we are headed in that direction. What is scary is that many people think that "parity" or "equal rights" means taking power from men and giving it to women. In reality it means changing our value system. So given the misconception of the former, women winning the right to vote would be perceived by many as men losing political power. Thus, the resistance to it.

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