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My name is Rossella, I am a 19-year-old Italian high school student. I am very interested in feminist issues and I would like to write a short essay, for my final exam, about the history of 1968 feminist collectives, in Europa and/or in USA. Can you please help me to find some documentary material in the web, as soon as possible?
I thank you and wish you all the best,
Rossella, from Pordenone - Italy

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM. When you refer to the "1968 feminist collectives"--I'm assuming that you just mean the various groups that started forming at this time and not a specific one. I found one entry in the book The Feminist Chronicles, but all it said was: 1968: "Women's Liberation" groups began to emerge around the country as a spin-off of the male-dominated student movement." However in most instances these "collectives" were often small--community/neighborhood based--CR Groups--or Consciouness Raising Groups. They provided a forum for women to come together and talk about things--it was often in these moments where women had the "personal is political click"--meaning that they realized that something they had previously thought of as an isolated individual experience became a more widespread and common problem. From these discussions Action was then taken--though in some instances, the conversations were action enough.

I hope that helps. If I have entirely mis-read your questions, please let me know.


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