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My name is Cassie and I am 13. I am doing a project in school about Joan Of Arc. Part of my questions was- "How has Joan Of Arc influenced, or motivated women of our time." We have to have an interview type thing. Do you think you could answer this about yourselves? Any help you can give me is greatly appreciated.
- Cassie

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM. I don't know enough about Joan of Arc to provide my own opinion, but I found the following in a book:

"Joan of Arc has inspired many stories, legends, and works of art through the centuries. Today, this French martyr and military heroine has come to symbolize French nationalism. Her feast day of May 30 is a national holiday, a day to remember Joan's loyalty, bravery, and ultimate sacrifice."

While I think what she did--protecting her country--is admirable. The fact that she had to do it in the guise of a man is on the one hand disheartening and on the other indicative of sexism.

Good luck on your report.


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