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I am doing a major report on women in slavery - particularly in African tribes. This is a hard topic to find information on, and I would appreciate it if you could share any information that you may have or knowledge of areas where I could do more research. Your site is wonderful and informative so I thought you would be great to ask for guidance.

Thank You,

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM. I have the perfect reference for you--in Black Women in America: An Historical Encyclopedia edited by Darlene Clark Hine (Carlson Publishing, 1993) there is a 24 page entry on the subject of "slavery." If you have trouble locating this, I would be happy to send you a xerox if you mail me your address.

Besides this entry, I suggest that you look at slave narratives such as Toni Morrison's Beloved, Alice Walker's The Color Purple--which are the women's perspective. There is also Incidents In The Life of A Slave Girl by Harriet A Jabobs (Harvard University Press, 1987).

I hope that helps - good luck.

P.S. An interesting fact is that--slaves who were sent to Cuba were kept together in their original trips. Slaves arriving anywhere else were split up, with no attention to tribal identity.


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