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Hello. I am 14, and, yes I am a feminist. I would like to ask for help in finding statistics on the inequality of men and women. I need these statistics because my class is doing a debate for the 1960's, and my group has the Equal Rights Ammendment. Therefore, I need statistics to prove my ideas. Statistics from the 1960's are preferrable. Thank you very much for you help. - Carole

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM and for turning to us to help with your project. Your question--"statistics" is very broad. I have included some suggestions and I hope that these help:

1.) In 1960---Over 53% of female college graduates held jobs and both husband and wife worked in over 10 million homes, an increase of 333% over 1940.

2.) In 1960, women's average earnings were less than 60% of men's.

3.) In 1961, women held 2.4% of all executive positions in the Kennedy administration. Only 10 appointments.

4.) In a 1962 study 28% of businesses polled regarded women's appearance and "sex appeal" a "must" for job qualification in sales and service industries.

5.) In 1966, only 25% of the population favored very restrictive abortion laws, while 65% favored liberalizing them.

(* These are from The Feminist Chronicles: 1953-1993 by Toni Carabillo, Judith Meuli, and June Bundy Csida.)

I hope that helps.


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