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I'm an eighth grader and am presently working on a project in school for a special program called The Siena Enrichment Program. We chose the Women's Rights Movement as our topic. Mainly, I wrote you to find out more about the Women's Movement. I don't know who reads and answers the mail for this website, but if this is Gloria Steinem reading the mail I would love to here about your first hand experiences on the 1960's. If you have any free time could you please write back explaining your experiences in the 1960's? I would deeply appreciate it. Sincerely, Jennifer

Thank you for your note to FEMINIST.COM and for your great project. First, many people think that Gloria Steinem founded NOW and that she was active in the 1960s as a feminist. That actually didn't come until the 1970s, but being in court with Hugh Hefner was the 1960s. Also, many people lose sight of the real issues behind feminism-they focus more on turning it into a silly movement where all we care about is burning bras (which never happened) and breaking the glass ceiling (which mostly empowers middle class women and therefore, leaves people with the feeling that feminism is a "white/middle class" movement). By focusing on legal battles and protests you capture the essence of this wave of feminism-one that secured basic rights for women and one that raised the consciousness of this country in terms of its attitudes toward women.

Because I wasn't alive in the 1960s I can't offer more examples. However, because I work in the women's movement, I can say "great job." Good luck - and let me know if you have specific questions about Gloria Steinem or about the movement in general.


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