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I am the head of a Girl's Club in my daughter's school. I am looking for a list of famous women in American history. Could you please send me a simple list. I need famous women who can be found in encyclopedias. Thank you. - A Parent and Teacher

There are a few great books on this very subject....like A Book of Women's Firsts and A Woman's Almanac and a book by Louise Berkinow (visit the Feminist.com Bookstore for these books and other ideas). But for starters here are a few:

Sojourner Truth, abolitionist/suffragist
Susan B. Anthony, suffragist
Victoria Woodhull, first woman to run for president and to have a female run brokerage house. Both happened in the last 1880s.
Septima Clark, civil rights activist. Did lots of civil rights organizing out of her beauty parlor.
Sakajawea, who lead Lewis and Clark
Zora Neale Hurston, a leader through her books.
Mary McLeod Bethune, a famous teacher and childrens rights activist.
Amelia Earhart, pilot
Babe Didrickson, famous athlete.
Rosa Parks, civil rights activist
Shirley Chisolm, the first black woman elected to Congress.
C. Madame Walker, she was a famous black woman, who owned a major cosmetic company.
Patsy Mink, Congresswoman from Hawaii.
Jeannette Rankin, in 1916 she was the first woman elected to the US Congress. Delores Huerta, organizer of the Farm Workers
Wilma Mankiller, former chief of the Cherokee Nation

You might also want to contact the National Women's History Project. Good luck.


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