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I'm a journalist who's interested in sources with info about the National Black Women's Political Caucus blocking a monument to suffragists because it didn't include Sojourner Truth. I'd appreciate any leads your organization could provide. Thank you.

Thanks for your note to Feminist.com--and for making visible the very important work of Sojourner Truth. To voice your concerns directly to the National Political Congress of Black Women, you can contact them at: 202-338-0800; fax 202-625-0499.

On another note, I know that Gloria Steinem was equally upset about this--and equally inspired by the work and vision of Sojourner Truth---that she has been lobbying others to erect a statue of Sojourner in Central Park in New York. I know that it is only in the planning stages, but I will pass your note along to her for further impetus to act.

For background information on the Women's Suffrage Statue in general (which was finally moved from the Capitol's basement to the Rotunda, see our information here at Feminist.com. Thanks for taking the time to point this out.



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