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Hello, My name is Monica and I happened upon your web site while I was looking for information on Eleanor Roosevelt. I decided that I would e-mail your facility to see if you would happen to have any information that could be useful to my research. For the past 4 years I have continued a study on Eleanor and plan to enlarge my research to other women activists so that other young women at my school and throughout my town, state, and country can benefit from my research after I finish my own web site. I would greatly appreciate a reply or any information on Eleanor. Thank you.

Thanks for telling us about your research. It sounds great--especially because I'm a big fan of Eleanor Roosevelt. The best place that I know of to get information about Eleanor Roosevelt is The Eleanor Roosevelt Center at Val-Kill. This is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that operates from the home of Mrs. Roosevelt at Val-Kill, Hyde Park, New York. Its primary purpose is to promote human rights through programs focussing on racial harmony, women and children's rights and empowerment, community involvement and the promotion of peaceful resolution of conflicts. Contact them to learn more -- and hopefully to help with your report:

PO Box 255
Hyde Park, NY 12538
(914) 229-5302
fax (914) 229-0742
email: [email protected]


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