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Dear Amy,

I'm doing a research paper of how the U.S. culture looked at mail order brides 100 years ago vs. today. Do you know were I can look for this kind of information? Any information would be helpful. It is the 100 years ago that I'm having a problem with and most information is based on the man's wants and needs, and not how the woman felt.

Thank you,


Dear Vivian,

I imagine that you aren't having luck finding information about mail order brides from 100 years ago because that information doesn't exist. Of course, the process probably happened, but, people probably didn't know they should see anything wrong with it, so it probably wasn't discussed in that way. Also, women's rights had only begun to set in, so I'm sure that it was allowed to happen without retribution because women were considered "property." It would be great if you could talk to someone who was living at that time or around that time and who might have first person account. Do you know any 110 year olds? Also you might want to try Equality Now. They have recently done work to end trafficking and so might have some historical context. I hope that helps.


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