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I am looking for resources and information about societies and cultures in which women were equal or dominant either in history or in the present. Any help is appreciated.




Dear Priscilla,

There are many cultures that have been equal cultures--for instance, many Native American communities, primarily the Iroquois, in the United States. Much of this equality has been wiped out by a dominant culture. You can learn more about this through the Historian Sally Roesch Wagner, specifically through her research on Matilda Jocelyn Gage. (Go to the National Women's History Project to learn more.)

In South Africa, there is a tribe called the Lovedu, which is ruled by a female queen and many people argue that this is more equal than most cultures, but certainly not perfect. Ann Jones once wrote an article for The Nation on this tribe--so you might be able to find this archived in a back issue or online.

In southern India there was long history of a matriarchal cultures, and though covering a smaller district, one is still active today.

I hope that starts your search for you.



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