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Hello, My name is Ana Vasquez and I'm working on a research paper about Feminists and Feminist movements for my English class. Can you please send me any sort of information about feminists and feminist movements, especially those during the late '60s and all during the '70s. I would really appreciate if you would help me out.

Thank you,

Dear Ana,

There is so much information about feminism in the late '60s and '70s -- that I can't think of where to begin. This was a time of feminists naming the experiences of their lives and in turn creating resources to combat the problems they saw emerging in their lives. Feminists during this time named injustices such as "domestic violence" and "unequal pay for work of equal value" -- and then worked through national organizations to change this situation.

Organizations were created to fill in these gaps and others were created to lobby the government to create legislative change. Women came together in a way that they previously didn't know was possible. Through these collectives, women realized their collective power -- and thus, their potential.

There were several different factions of feminism at that time--for instance, radical feminists who were trying to create an entirely separate world. They saw men as the oppressors and so sought to create a separate female friendly world. There were also liberal feminists who wanted to work within the system. There were also socialists who grew out of student groups and women who were fleeing the civil rights movement for lack of attention to women's issues/concerns.

I have written more about all of the above in a chapter of my book. The chapter, What Is Feminism?, can be found in my book, Manifesta: Young Women, Feminism & the Future, which I co-authored with Jennifer Baumgardner.

Good luck,

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